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Wood Pressed Castor Oil 100ml

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<p>Wood Pressed Castor Oil</p>

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Product Description

Sathva cold pressed oils are premium-quality cooking oil extracted via the traditional method. Grinding the seeds using wooden mortar and pestle at a slow rotation speed preserves vital nutrients in the oil. Besides health, the oil offers a great aroma and texture.

Finest castor seeds coupled with natural drying, grinding, and filtering produces superior quality castor oil. Thus, Sathva oils are 100% chemical and preservatives-free.


Uses of castor oil


Even if castor oil is not prevalent in cooking these days, many dishes in ancient cooking included castor oil in their recipe. Castor oil is added when cooking dal/lentils, dal rasam (hot Indian clear soup), chicken curry (traditional method), and brinjal fry.

Use of groundnut in kitchen

Benefits of castor oil

Beyond cooking, castor oil is a vital ingredient in home remedies. To name a few, it deals with problems related to hair, skin, joints, intestines, etc. It has medicinal properties that render instant benefits to the users. It is used as pain relief, a notable cure for joint and muscle inflammation. It is also a powerful laxative to clear bowel movements suitable for adults and children.

It is a natural, simple, and inexpensive way to be applied to the skin to dismiss skin problems. It has quick-absorbing properties into skin and hair thus, bestowing a moisturizing effect. Castor oil is a prime ingredient in the cosmetic industry, utilized in soaps, hair care, and skincare products.