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About Us

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Sathva Team

Sathva is a diverse team of working professionals based in Singapore and India, pursuing a shared passion for bringing natural food to everyone's table. We believe everyone has the right to consume healthy products and witness authentic food at their tables.

In this world filled with adulterated food, Sathva sells pure and natural products online through its website. Over the past few years, Sathva has faced several challenges, including increasing raw materials costs and identifying authentic natural materials. But we have never let our guard down and have always taken the extra mile to ensure we maintain our high standards regarding quality.

Sathva Foods began operations in 2018 and quickly grew to become one of the most reliable natural food providers. Sathva's focus on delivering high-quality, sustainable products that are exceptional for the health of our customers has helped it succeed.

sathva Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a well-informed society that is aware of their food consumption and knows how products are made. In a country with a high percentage of food imports, it is cardinal for people to understand how the food is produced and make an informed choice. To have an awareness of how food could affect their health and mind and to make responsible choices of choosing food products that are sustainably produced.

Sathva plans to grow and expand its product offerings and reach new markets. Sathva is also committed to sustainability and intends to continue to produce authentic products providing healthier, more sustainable products.

Grinding Process


Selection Of Seeds

Quality of oil does not only depends on the cold pressed technique, but it also depends on the quality of seeds chosen


Sun Drying Of Seeds

Seeds are naturally dried under the sun to ensure the correct level of moisture in the seeds before extraction.


Cold Pressed Griding

Wooden pestle rotates slowly as low as 14 rotations per minute to retain the nutrients and prevents heat generation.



Oil is naturally dried under the sun to remove moisture and particles sediment at the bottom.