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Steamed Rice Puttu Flour 500g

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Product Description

Sathva Steamed Rice Puttu Flour is homemade puttu flour using the traditional method that involves soaking rice, grinding it, and then steaming it to perfection. Raw rice is washed and soaked to make the grain softer. The rice is then ground using the wet grinding method resulting in a slightly coarse texture, which contributes to the soft and fluffy nature of the puttu. The flour is then allowed to air dry to get rid of excess moisture and finally steamed to get the perfect puttu flour.

The softness of the puttu primarily depends on the coarseness of the rice flour and the steaming process.  Try Sathva Steamed Puttu Flour today for a delightful breakfast or as a snack!

how to make soft & fluffy puttu

Mixing water with puttu flour is a crucial step in the process of making puttu. The right consistency of the dough will determine the softness and texture of the final puttu. Here's how to mix water to puttu flour:

Start by taking the required amount of steamed rice puttu flour in a mixing bowl. Begin adding water to the flour gradually. Pour a small amount of water at a time and start mixing it with the flour using your fingers. The goal is to achieve a sandy, crumbly texture. Keep adding water little by little until you get the desired consistency.

    1. Test the Consistency: To check if you have the right consistency, take a small amount of the flour mixture in your palm and squeeze it tightly. It should hold its shape when pressed together, but it should easily crumble back into a powdery texture when you loosen your grip.

    2. With the flour mixture ready, layer it in a puttu maker or steamer with grated coconut and steam it until cooked. The puttu should be soft and fluffy when properly steamed.


rice puttu variation

With this flour, you can create various delicious and unique puttu variations. Here are some ideas for you to try:

1. Wheat Puttu: Substitute a portion of white rice puttu flour with wheat flour to create wheat puttu. It offers a slightly nutty taste.

2. Coconut Milk Puttu: Instead of using water, use coconut milk to mix with the white rice puttu flour. It adds richness and enhances the coconut flavor.

3. Nuts and Jaggery Puttu: Mix chopped nuts (such as almonds, cashews, and pistachios) and grated jaggery with the white rice puttu flour to create a delicious and nutritious sweet puttu. 

4. Fruit Puttu: Add finely chopped fruits like bananas, pineapples, or mangoes to the white rice puttu flour for a fruity twist. 

5. Chocolate Puttu: Mix cocoa powder with white rice puttu flour for a unique chocolate-flavored puttu.

6. Beetroot Puttu: Grate beetroot and combine it with the white rice puttu flour to make a vibrant-colored and healthy beetroot puttu.