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Sathva Unpolished Red Soiled Toor Dal 1Kg

Sathva Unpolished Red Soiled Toor Dal 1Kg

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Product Description

Sathva Dals are chemical and preservatives free. Red soiled dal is dal, dehusked using traditional method. It is dull yellow in color. Red soil is prepared and the dals with husk are mixed with the soil with the addition of little water. It is then dried under the sun for the red soil to absorb sunlight. After some time, the hardened red soil with the dal is broken to dehusk the dal.

This practice is often done to enhance the preservation and storage of the dal, as well as to improve its taste, texture and nutrition. This method enriches the dal. Absorption of the sunlight by the red soil (contains natural microorganisms) increases the nutrients in the soil and absorbed by the dal. In addition, this method is very eco-friendly as it generates zero waste (the husks are used back as fertilizer) and no chemical usage to polish it.The process of mixing toor dal with red soil and sun-drying is a traditional method that has been used for generations.

Red soiled toor dal has a very nice taste and aroma compared to the normal toor dal. It has an earthy taste and leaves you with a very satisfying palette. Dishes such as sambar turn out exceptional with this dal especially when ghee is added to it.



Uses of red soiled toor dal

Red Soiled Toor Dal is very unique in taste and aroma that can be used in various culinary preparations.

  1. Blend cooked dal with spices, herbs, and coconut to create a flavorful and creamy chutney that can be served with dosa and/or other snacks.

You can make a simple dal fry by tempering the cooked red soiled toor dal with spices, onions, tomatoes, and garnishing it with fresh cilantro. This can be a great side dish for rotis, wraps and even paratha. 

Incorporate red soiled toor dal into paratha dough to make nutritious and tasty dal parathas. These are flatbreads stuffed with a mixture of cooked dal and spices.

Make patties by mixing cooked red soiled toor dal with spices and breadcrumbs. These patties can be shallow-fried or baked to create a tasty snack or appetizer.

Benefits of red soiled toor dal

Red soil contains various microorganisms, minerals, and nutrients that can interact with the dal during the drying process. These microorganisms can contribute to the fermentation and enzymatic processes that occur as the dal dries.

These processes potentially enhance the nutritional profile of the dal by breaking down antinutrients (compounds that inhibit nutrient absorption) and making the nutrients more bioavailable.

Additionally, the exposure to sunlight during the drying process can have a positive effect on the dal's nutritional content, particularly in terms of vitamin D synthesis.