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Masoor Dhal 1Kg

Masoor Dhal 1Kg

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Product Description

Sathva Dals are chemical and preservative-free. Masoor Dal, also known as red lentils are meticulously selected and cleaned to ensure you receive the best product possible. The vacuum-sealed packaging keeps the dal fresh and free from contaminants, ensuring a longer shelf life and maximum flavor retention.

These Masoor Dal are selected from the finest crops, ensuring top-tier lentils with minimal impurities.


Uses of masoor dal

Versatile and easy to cook, masoor dal is a delicious and healthful addition to any diet. Here are some unique ideas :

Masoor Dal Curry:

Create a rich curry by simmering masoor dal with coconut milk, tomatoes, and a blend of Indian spices. Serve with rice or naan for a hearty meal.

Masoor Dal Smoothie:

  1. Cook split moong dal with ghee, sugar, and cardamom to make a rich and flavorful Indian dessert. Garnish with nuts and dried fruits.

Masoor Dal Taco:

Use spiced, cooked masoor dal as a filling for tacos, topped with fresh salsa, avocado, and a squeeze of lime for a fusion twist.

Masoor Dal Burger Patties:

Mash cooked masoor dal with breadcrumbs, spices, and finely chopped vegetables. Form into patties and pan-fry for a healthy vegetarian burger option.

Masoor Dal Fritters :

  1. Make a comforting soup by cooking split moong dal with vegetables, garlic, ginger, and spices. Blend for a smooth texture or leave it chunky for added texture.


Benefits of masoor dal

Rich in protein and dietary fiber, it supports muscle growth and aids digestion, helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Packed with essential nutrients such as iron, folate, and B vitamins, masoor dal boosts energy levels, enhances red blood cell production, and promotes overall well-being.

Its low glycemic index makes it an excellent choice for managing blood sugar levels, while its antioxidant properties help combat inflammation and improve heart health.