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Hand Churned Ghee 200ML

Hand Churned Ghee 200ML

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Product Description

Sathva pure hand churned Ghee is premium-quality Ghee produced via the traditional method. Thus, Sathva Ghee is 100% chemical and preservatives-free.

Ghee is a type of clarified butter, which requires an extensive process to produce. Ghee is produced by boiling cow’s milk to evaporate the water content and ferment overnight to form curd. Curd is hand-churned to obtain the butter and butter heated to obtain ghee.

Most modern ghee producers, even organic ones, no longer churn the curd to make butter. In machine processed dairies, where ghee is mass-produced, the curd is pushed through a fine mesh in which the butter is held on one side of the mesh while the buttermilk passes through. However, according to the ayurvedic tradition, ghee that is made without the churning action lacks sattvic quality. Churning, rolling the curd back and forth between the hands imparts a particular balancing sattvic quality to the ghee, instead of the one-way action of a gear-driven churn.

Ghee is an ancient essential feature in Indian cooking and sacred auspicious ceremonies. Ghee is poured into sacred fires, attributing its origin to the divine. In ancient literature, ghee is described as 'fit for the gods'.


Uses of ghee


Ghee is a versatile and delicious ingredient that adds richness and depth to a variety of dishes. Here are ways how you can use ghee in your cooking!

It is often used as a cooking fat and is used to fry or sauté vegetables, meats, and grains such as rice and lentils. It can also be used as a substitute for butter in baking, as it has a similar texture and flavor.

Ghee is a popular addition to coffee and tea, as it adds a rich and creamy flavor. It can also be used as a spread on toast or bread, similar to butter. Ghee is a great option for making popcorn, as it adds a delicious flavor and aroma.

It can be used as a cooking oil for high-temperature cooking such as roasting or grilling, due to its high smoke point.

Benefits of ghee

It is not just butter but loaded with Vit A, Vit E, and anti-oxidants. In short, ghee is a substance loaded with health, dripping with culinary flavor, tantalizing nose buds with fragrance, and rich in historical facts.

Ghee is venerated for its medicinal properties, prescribing it as a digestive aid, cooling food (lowering body temperature), and soothing burns and ulcers.

Gone are the days when ghee is considered an unhealthy food that clogs up the arteries and causes heart diseases. Also gone are the harmful trans-fat that tried to replace ghee and failed miserably. Ghee is now highly sought after its benefits are surfacing. However, moderation is the key to reaping its maximum benefits.