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Cold Pressed Chekku Coconut oil 500ML

Cold Pressed Chekku Coconut oil 500ML

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<p>100% Pure cold pressed oil without adding any chemicals, preservative</p>

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Product Description

Sathva cold-pressed oils are premium-quality cooking oil extracted via the traditional method. Grinding the seeds using wooden mortar and pestle at a slow rotation speed preserves vital nutrients in the oil. Besides health, the oil offers a great aroma and taste.

Finest coconut copra (sulphur-free) coupled with natural drying, grinding, and filtering produces superior quality coconut oil. Thus, Sathva oils are 100% chemical and preservatives-free. The term virgin is not regulated in the coconut oil industry, thus it is used interchangeably used with unrefined coconut oil.


Uses of coconut oil


Touted as ‘superfood’ Sathva coconut oil is known or its nutty-sweet flavour. It adds richness to food and has a creamy taste to it. Here are ways how you can use coconut oil in your cooking!

Use of coconut oil in kitchen
no preservatives no chemicals

Benefits of coconut oil

Ongoing studies suggest that coconut oil increases metabolism and the fat-burning process. It makes one feel fuller after a meal thus, avoiding chances of overeating. Hence, coconut oil is a perfect match for those seeking weight loss.

It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, great to be applied externally to keep infections at bay. The oil even surprises us with its ability to improve memory problems proving helpful for people with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

It is popularly dubbed as a 'superfood' considering its merits. However, to reap the maximum benefits of any food item, moderation is the key!

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Due to its gentle extraction process, this natural oil retains its potent nutrients and vitamins, making it a rich source of nourishment for the hair and scalp. Its high content of lauric acid provides deep hydration, promoting healthier and more manageable hair. Regular use of cold-pressed coconut oil can help repair damaged hair, reduce frizz, and add a natural shine to the strands. Moreover, its antifungal and antibacterial properties contribute to a healthier scalp, reducing dandruff and supporting overall hair growth. Embracing cold-pressed coconut oil as a hair care solution can lead to stronger, softer, and more vibrant tresses, making it an indispensable addition to any hair care routine.