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Red Rice Poha Ava Flattened Rice 250g Thin

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Product Description

Discover the nutritious and delicious delight of Sathva's Red Rice Poha. Made from carefully selected red rice grains, our Red Rice Poha is a wholesome flattened rice dish that is packed with essential nutrients. With its vibrant color and unique earthy flavor, it provides a healthier alternative to traditional poha. Experience the goodness of Red Rice Poha and elevate your meals with this versatile and nutritious choice. 

Sathva Poha is thin poha and maintains its crisp. The poha soaks and retains the flavor of the ingredients cooked along with it. 

Sathva Red Rice Flakes are cleaned manually and dried under the sun which is a natural and traditional method of processing. This method involves removing impurities and debris by hand and laying the flattened rice out in the sun to dry. It is free from chemicals and additives, making it a pure and healthy ingredient for cooking.

Red Rice Poha is also known as flattened rice, beaten rice, avalakki, atukulu.


Uses of red rice poha


Explore the goodness of red rice poha and elevate your dining experience with a flavorful journey.

  1. Saute finely chopped onions, green chilies, and curry leaves in oil. Add soaked red rice poha, turmeric powder, salt, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Stir-fry until well combined. Garnish with freshly grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot as a hearty breakfast or light meal.


Mix soaked red rice poha with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and grated carrots. Toss in some roasted peanuts and fresh herbs like mint and coriander. Drizzle with a dressing made from lemon juice, oil, honey, and a pinch of cumin powder. Enjoy a refreshing and nutritious salad bursting with flavors.

Make patties by combining soaked red rice poha with mashed potatoes, grated cheese, tofu, finely chopped onions, and spices like cumin powder, garam masala, and red chili powder. Shape the mixture into patties and shallow fry until golden brown. Serve as a tasty and protein-rich appetizer or snack.

Cook soaked red rice poha with milk, and cardamom pods until the poha is soft and the mixture thickens. Add a sweetener of your choice, along with chopped nuts like almonds and cashews. Serve chilled for a delightful and healthier version of the traditional rice pudding.

Benefits of red rice poha

Red rice poha is a good source of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It contains B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, and other beneficial compounds that support overall health and well-being. 

Red rice poha contains anthocyanins, which are natural pigments responsible for its red color. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that help protect against oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Red rice poha is rich in dietary fiber, which aids in digestion, helps maintain bowel regularity, and promotes a healthy digestive system. It can also contribute to feelings of fullness and assist in weight management.