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Ginger Infused Cold Pressed Groundnut oil 250ml

Ginger Infused Cold Pressed Groundnut oil 250ml

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<p>Premium quality Ginger Infused cold-pressed Groundnut oil</p>

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Product Description

Sathva cold-pressed oils are premium-quality cooking oil extracted via the traditional method. Grinding the seeds using wooden mortar and pestle at a slow rotation speed preserves vital nutrients in the oil. Besides health, the oil offers a great aroma and taste.

Finest groundnuts coupled with natural drying, grinding, and filtering produces superior quality groundnut oil. Thus, Sathva oils are 100% chemical and preservatives-free.

Groundnut, ginger, and coriander seeds are grind together to produce this aromatic infused oil. Ginger can be skipped from recipe when using this oil.


Uses of groundnut oil


Sathva groundnut oil has high smoking point*. The oil adds great nutty taste and aroma to food. Here are ways how you can use groundnut oil in your cooking!

*temperature at which fats break down to release free radicals

Great for deep frying

Groundnut oil has smoking point suitable for deep fry

Grilling meat and vegetables

Groundunt oil is excellent choice to be used for grilling

Searing of meat

Gives a nice browning effect to the meat


Stir-fry vegetables/meat in smoking-hot oil which will brown those ingredients and develop their flavour while retaining a crisp,fresh crunch.

Benefits of groundnut oil

Groundnut oil is naturally high in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage and reduces the risk of heart disease. The oil has abundant monounsaturated fat compared to saturated fat and is trans-fat free. Monounsaturated fats reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, thus lowering heart diseases and stroke.