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Our Story

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The birth of SATHVA

What Sparked Our Journey?

Our journey started after encountering some staggering facts about ingesting unhealthy chemicals in our foods. The food we choose determines the quality of our life. Our concern grew as our children were fed chemically laden foods. This concern made us seek ways to bring organic foods to our tables.

What did we change?

Cooking oil is an essential ingredient and pressing need in every household. Since refined cooking is processed with noxious chemicals, we wanted to kick start by producing our own cold-pressed cooking oil to bring natural food to our table. After sightseeing in different places, we produced and extracted cold-pressed oil via authentic traditional methods; it is not easy to find such authenticity in the market.

The birth of SATHVA

Over time, our family could see an improvement in digestion, decrease in 'stomach heaviness' after a meal, and improved cholesterol levels.* Thus began our humble start-up called "SATHVA FOODS" with the intention of bringing wholesome, cold-pressed oil to everyone's table.

* Individual results may vary

Sesame & Groundnut oil

What sets Sathva cold pressed oils apart from others?

The expertise in selecting the best oil seeds and grinding process differentiates our quality oil from average to premium quality. Sathva is competent in acquiring the best and only the best oil seeds. Through average method, low-quality seeds and pits are crushed, and then that extracted oil is sold in the market as pure oil.

However, Sathva only uses rich oil seeds to give you and your loved ones the best quality oil and nutritional value!

why sathva oil

Sathva is the perfect choice!

Imagine cooking with oils that are made of pure, natural ingredients. No chemicals. No preservatives. Just the good stuff.

Sathva's wooden cold pressed oils are made of pure, unrefined, untreated oil fruits. These oils are made from the finest quality ingredients and ground in a traditional way that preserves all their natural goodness. They have a delicious, nutty flavour and exquisite aroma.

That's what you get with Sathva's wooden cold pressed oils. That's not all; They help improve digestion, promote hair growth, and keep your skin looking young and healthy. Moreover, they can make a great addition to your prayer offerings.

Experience the difference between Sathva's wooden pressed oils for yourself and your family. Shop now and see the difference our quality makes.

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